My Name is Bill Bassett and I am the owner/founder of The Compound. We are the world’s first gym, that focuses exclusively on youth athletes.  I am an ISSA Certified Youth Fitness Trainer and the head trainer at the Original Compound in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

I am a middle school STEM teacher with a Masters Degree in Education, Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and an associates degree in computer science. I have extensive experience coaching and training youth athletes for over 15 years. I am the Head Wrestling Coach at Ranger Pride Wrestling and an assistant coach at Young Guns Wrestling club & Team Pennsylvania. I am currently the strength and conditioning coach for many of the top wrestlers in the country. Our Compound has produced many state champions and home of current USA Wrestling National Champions. I work with youth athletes and all the way through College NCAA National Champions.

At The Compound, we feel our designed workout plans are second to none. We developed workouts to build the strongest, most explosive and mentally toughest athlete. We strive to get each athlete to their maximum athletic potential. Strength is the difference in being Good or being Great!   

The Compound will focus on developing strength, speed and athleticism. We will use a variety of Training Styles and each workout will be different. The workouts will be a combination of Cross-fit, Plyometrics, Olympic Lifts, Speed/Agility, footwork drills and core. The overall goals is to develop bigger, faster, stronger athletes.


Core Training

Functional Strength

Mental Toughness

Speed & Agility



Muscular Endurance

Coordination & Balance

Stability & Mobility Training

Cardiovascular Endurance

Unilateral & Bilateral Movements

Dietary/Supplement Advice

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)


Mindset Training


ISSA Young Strength and Fitness Trainer

My Name is Bill Bassett and I am the owner/trainer at The Compound. I am an ISSA Certified Youth Fitness Trainer. I am a teacher with a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education and Masters Degree in Education. I have been coaching, training and working with youth athletes for over 15 years. I am the Head Wrestling Coach at Ranger Pride Wrestling and help coach at Young Guns Wrestling & Team Pennsylvania. My goal is to develop and help each athlete in our local area reach their maximum potential. Strength is the difference in being Good or being Great.

Masters Degree in Education/Leadership at Saint Francis University

Bachelor Degree in Elementary Education at Mount Aloysius

Head Wrestling coach at Ranger Pride Wrestling                                          

Assistant Coach at Young Guns Wrestling Club & Team Pennsylvania Wrestling


The Compound is dedicated to the development of young athletes in our community through functional strength training.  Our goal is to develop a bigger, faster, stronger athlete, while building character, self-confidence & self-esteem, work ethic, and becoming contributing members in their community.

The Compound was developed for multiple reasons. The main reason was to develop and push our athletes to reach their maximum potential on and off the field, mat or court. We strive to constantly challenge our athletes physically, emotionally and mentally every day. We want all our athletes to feel safe and cared about when they are at our gym. The Compound is the first youth strength gym of our kind. The workouts are very intense, but all the athletes walk out after each workout with a smile on their faces and excited to return. We will always pride ourselves on constantly changing, updating and educating ourselves on cutting edge workouts, equipment and anything that can help our athletes. The Compound strongly feels that strength, speed and maximizes athletic potential is the key in all sports. We focus on building a faster, stronger, mentally tougher athlete. “Champions are Not Born, Champions are MADE”


I honestly think first impressions is everything with a gym. I really took my time getting my space ready. I brought in a professional painter in and had a company design custom logo/lettering stickers. I do recommend you spending some time and money in this area. The color of the gym will be Electric Lime (SW6921), Grey (SW7076), your choice of Black and White. We have a wrestling mat in our gym for the agilities and warmups. This is optional, but strongly recommended. Our goal is to build the best athletes we can and the agilities/gymnastics is a huge part of that. I would have a refrigerator or water cooler and have water available. I recommend having a pro-shop with Compound gear and Compound Lab Supplements.. New athletes and parents are very eager to purchase Compound gear and supplements when they sign up. This will also be available when you have walk-in athletes. The more gear and supplements purchased the better, because it spreads the logo in your area. I honestly feel word of mouth and logo recognition is the strongest source of advertising.


Olympic Champion

Kyle Snyder is Compound Strong. We were fortunate enough to have Kyle working out in our gym. He is both the youngest Olympic gold medalist as well as the youngest World Champion in American wrestling history. Snyder is also the youngest wrestler ever to win the World, NCAA, and Olympic championships in the same year. While at The Compound working out, he made the Metal monster look relatively easy.

In 2018, Snyder won his third straight individual NCAA title as a heavyweight, this time being out-weighed by nearly 60 pounds "in one of the biggest size differences in an NCAA championship match in history, and became the first three-time NCAA heavyweight champion in nearly 30 years.

Kyle talks about how much strength has helped him in his career and loves the idea of youth athletes getting the head start on their competition.