489 Southpoint Circle Ste. #100
Brownsburg IN 46112
United States

Phone: 317-372-6699 or 317-403-3922
Owner: Matthew Serd & Josh Reynolds


We strive to constantly challenge our athletes physically, emotionally and mentally every day. We will always pride ourselves on constantly changing, updating, and educating ourselves on cutting edge workouts, equipment and anything that can help our athletes. The Compound strongly feels that strength, speed and maximized athletic potential are key in all sports. We focus on building faster, stronger, mentally tougher athletes.

“Champions are Not Born, Champions are Made”

The Compound Indy is all about developing youth athletes of all ages to reach their maximum potential on the playing field, the mat or the court, as well as learning the character traits that make a Compound Athlete successful. This is accomplished by offering a variety of classes that best fit the young athlete’s needs. We offer classes for the beginners called “Little Hammers”, “All Girls Sessions” for the female athletes, and our featured classes, “Functional Intensity”. We are here for year round results.

We will help you choose the class that best suits your athlete, and we offer several different payment options to help meet your needs. Every athlete is invited for a free “1” time drop in class to see if The Compound Indy is right for them. We offer a session payment plan where your athlete purchases a set amount of sessions, a team group/ team discount, and we also offer a drop in rate. We also offer discounts for additional siblings that participate in the training sessions.

We know the most effective way to workout is through high-intensity interval training. Your athlete will engage in an intense 60-75-minute workout, depending on the class, where they will cycle through various workout stations. There are 5 strength factors crucial to all sports. We focus on working the following: Legs, Core, Back, Grip, and Neck. This unique approach builds strength, stamina, and power.

Along with building a bigger, faster, stronger athlete through functional strength training, we will also assist your athlete in their nutrition strategy. It takes proper diet and rest for an athlete’s body to respond to the intense strength workouts. Proper diet and nutrition will be stressed during each training session for you athlete.

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Functional Intensity (8-16 years of age):
$160-10 sessions, $90-5 sessions (punch cards), or $20 drop ins. ($135 each additional child)
Little Hammers (5-8 years of age):
$125-10 sessions, $70-5 sessions (punch cards), or $15 drop ins. ($105 each additional child)
All Girls: (ages 8 and up)
$125-10 sessions, $70-5 sessions (punch cards), or $15 drop ins. ($105 each additional child)
Team Training: (ages 5 and up)
$125 per individual for 10 sessions. (call or email for more details)
Adult Compound Strong:
$135-10 sessions (punch card) or $15 drop ins.


**Sign-up in advance required for all classes, please see our Face Book page to sign up**
Contact us at:  or Matthew at 317-372-6699 for more details!!